Brygid Technologies is a high-end quality provider of online ordering and e-commerce solutions for restaurants. We are the industry leader in developing easy to use, fully customized websites that help restaurants increase online sales in upwards of 300% in their first month. We encourage you to compare our service to that of our competitors; onosys, foodtech, orderTalk, bigholler, foodjr, cyberwaiter, kudzu, ridsi, etogo4pos, cybermeals, rds control systems, datadreamers, ziptogo, ehungry, emenusolutions, ezwaiter, citywaiter, transboundaries, massmenus,, datawedge, and delphis software. Are your customers ordering online yet? Brygid - Ecommerce made easy!
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We create data-driven online order websites and customized e-commerce solutions for restaurants.


Built on a truly unique and powerful platform that grows with your needs. Runs on Oracle - 99.9% uptime.

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