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How It Works

Brygid Restaurants Online (BRO)

Ordering takeout, catering and delivery could not be any easier! We make your menus live, enabling your customers to place their orders directly off your restaurant's website. Online orders can be transmitted to individual locations or to a centralized call center using a variety of methods, such as direct POS integration, Fax, Email or IP Printer.

No Login Required!

We strongly believe that the process of placing an online order should be easier than picking up the phone. We design our online ordering platform with the least number of clicks and steps required to complete your order. (However, optional logins and account creation is available.)

Overview of E-Commerce Solutions

How It Works

POS Integrated Solution
We can work with your POS vendor to integrate the online ordering service with your Point of Sales system. POS integration generally involves transmission of online orders in XML format over the Internet. The XML format is customized to meet your needs and the specification of your system. Brygid has successfully integrated with a good number of POS vendors, such as SpeedLine Solutions, FireFly Technologies, DELIVERPlus and POSitouch. Please feel free to contact us for additional details.

What happens if our POS Internet connection is temporarily down?
Our systems and dedicated call center staff will detect failed orders and handle them appropriately by either faxing or phoning them in until your Internet connections is back on.

Do you charge extra for POS integration?
NO. POS Integration is included as part of the online order setup.

What if we have a semi-isolated POS system?
We can still help if your POS system is capable of processing XML orders but does not directly provide the means for receiving them online. The Brygid Communicator software can be installed on your system to facilitate a two way communication between your point of sales system and our servers. Please contact us for further details.

Fax and/or Email Solution
Online orders can also be faxed or emailed to individual stores locations or centralized call center. All fax and email orders are followed up by a live phone call from one of our call center agents to ensure proper transmission and receipt.

How many fax lines do we need to handle a busy evening rush?
Most likely one. Very few clients require more than one fax line. Our fax servers intelligently and efficiently combine multiple online orders and send them through via a single fax transmission. Generally speaking our systems can send in more online orders via a single store's fax line than most single store operations can handle. Additional fax lines may be needed if you receive faxed orders at a centralized call center responsible for multiple stores.

IP Printer Solution
Alternatively we can setup to have your online orders sent directly to an IP Printer (network receipt printer). An IP printer is simply a thermal receipt printer that can connect directly to the internet. It prints out just like any other receipt or order ticket. Just like all our other solutions you have the option to have credit cards cleared online via a payment gateway prior to us sending the order over to your store.