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Offer Online Reservations?
August 24, 2011
We can easily add Open Table to your online order website for the convenience of your customers!

Restaurant Reservations - Free • Instant • Confirmed
Visit: Open Table

Your Menu In Their Pocket
July 6, 2011
Did you know that 95% of people with smart phones use them to search for local information - like the location of the nearest pizza shop? And according to a recent Google study, after searching for a business (like your restaurant) using their mobile phone, nine out of ten searchers either place an order online or visit the business within 24 hours.

At Ali Baba Pizza, 800 to 1000 web and mobile orders feed into the stores' SpeedLine POS systems each month. Ali Baba started with mobile ordering in 2009 as a test site for an iPhone app. They now use Brygid for web and mobile ordering.

"People like the mobile site for its simplicity," - Ali Baba Pizza president Mark Murr comments.

Setting up mobile ordering is easy - and profitable.

Here's how you do it:
1. Get OrderLink Gateway (if you haven't already).
2. Choose a web and mobile ordering provider.
3. Promote your web and mobile ordering sites everywhere.
4. Connect the dots with your marketing.

Add your web and mobile address to every flyer, email, and doorhanger, every box and boxtopper, sign and ad. Train your staff to talk it up with customers. Promotion and awareness drive orders.

At Abby's Legendary Pizza, a new mobile site is a "work in progress," live for about 60 days, but not yet officially launched. While he does not yet have analytics breaking out mobile site traffic, Abby's marketing director Doug Phillips sees the demand in customer browsing habits: "A very high percentage of our regular web site traffic is coming in from iOS browsers (iPod, iPad, etc.), so I'm certain that the mobile site will meet needs. We are looking forward to leveraging the marketing potential of the mobile-friendly site."

Web and mobile ordering generate even more revenue with Facebook and Twitter or text marketing. More than 250 million people use Facebook from mobile devices. Those are your customers. So take advantage: use Facebook for instant promotion, and make it easy to place an order with a few clicks. Also consider adding QR codes to print ads and menus to take customers direct to your mobile ordering site.

"The easier you make it for the customer," Murr stresses, "the more likely they will order. In Ft. Lauderdale for spring break, we tried for over half an hour to get through to a pizza store for delivery. We gave up on our first choice as we kept getting a busy signal then put on eternal hold. I would have placed the order online if I could have used my mobile."

On Ali Baba's web and mobile ordering sites, Murr says, "The whole experience is seamless. Whether you order online or with your mobile device, the customer wants the same experience with the same end result. Great pizza with the easiest method of ordering."

Easy Sells.
One of the top-grossing stores running Brygid online ordering with SpeedLine handles 400–500 web orders each week. To drive volume online, they lead with the menu—customers can order popular items right from the home page. They also direct customers to order online through Facebook posts and promotions.

Mobile Sells More.
The convenience of mobile ordering drives order volume and frequency. One online ordering provider reports a 32% increase in average order size, and 83% of customers ordering more often with mobile apps versus phone calls.

Source: Speedline Solutions

International Pizza Expo 2011
December 7, 2010
See Brygid at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV. March 1-3, 2011. Las Vegas Convention Cente: Booth 1269. Experience the largest Pizza Expo in the world with over 1000 exhibitors. Brygid will be there showcasing our high quality online ordering sites and mobile ordering!

Drop by our booth for a visit! It is an opportunity for us to get to know restaurant owners, talk about the pizza industry and better understand your growing online needs.

Let us know if you are planning to attend and be sure to ask us about our Pizza Expo exclusive offers!

Combo Maker
November 30, 2010
Have your customers order a complete combo/value meal with ease! Guided STEP BY STEP, it ensures your customers never make a mistake ordering a combo. Enforce specific combo requirements and item customizations. Also include optional items or up sells and attach a coupon/discount: the possibilities are endless.

Creative solutions for creative menus! It helps drive sales and makes the ordering process stress free.

Advance Delivery Area Enforcement
July 14, 2010
Locate the nearest stores and enforce delivery area requirements such as delivery charges, order minimums, delivery zones and much more!

Here are a few of our popular search options:

Google Map Delivery Enforcement
Allow your customers to quickly find the nearest store that delivers to them. A simple search will graphically display a list of stores on a map along with useful information such as delivery charges and link for ordering.

Zip Code Search
Allows your customer to find stores and place delivery orders quickly using the restaurants predefined zip codes or even a more precise zip+4 search! We fully support US zip codes and Canada postal codes.

Street Database
Enforce delivery using exact street addresses found in your street database. Used for precision results.