Easy 30 Second Online Ordering

A Branded Restaurant Website

We work with you to create an easy to use custom ordering website that reflects your brand, allowing you to utilize and advertise your own website URL as a point of entry for your customers.

Already have a website? We can build the online ordering menu to fit your current website.

Mobile Ordering Included

Why bother with expensive, hard to maintain, platform specific apps when you can have a fully functional mobile web application. Majority of users do not care for downloading an app for every restaurant they order from. Having a mobile optimized Web App is the ideal solution. Extend your reach with your very own mobile optimized Web App. Our platform’s mobile web application supports iPhone and Android without the need for any downloads from the Apple or Google app stores.

Mobile Ordering
Easy 30 Second Online Ordering

Easy 30 Second Ordering

With Brygid your customers can order in as little as 30 seconds. We design your website to be intuitive and simple to use with the least number of steps necessary to complete an order.

Dynamic In-House & Third Party Delivery Support

Don't have delivery drivers in the morning? Want to use a third party delivery provider while using your own in-house delivery service in the evenings? We can do that.

We are now fully integrated with DoorDash Drive & Uber Direct. Utilize these services to fulfill those delivery orders that you can not handle in-house, all while maintaining full control over the presentation of your brand. Customers place their orders directly through your website and therefore are never distracted by the competition.

For in-house deliveries, our platform will ensure that none of your valuable time is wasted dealing with orders outside of your delivery area. There are a number of features available such as Google Maps and Street Database enforcement to meet a variety of your needs.

Google Maps Delivery Enforcement

Manual, Auto-Discover & Third Party Coupons

With our platform you get one of the most robust and advanced couponing features available in the industry today. From manual, auto-discover and third party coupons, we have the pricing logic that is necessary to help you create the perfect promotion for your customers.

Manual Coupons

We make it simple and easy for your customers to redeem coupon codes that you have provided. Whether the coupon is for an entire order, or an individual item, our platform will intelligently determine if the contents of their cart meet the requirements of the coupon.

Auto-Discover Coupons

Depending on what your customers are ordering, our platform's intelligent algorithms will automatically discover the most effective coupon and apply it directly to their order.

Third Party Coupons

Rewarding your customers has never been easier. Utilizing marketing companies such as eWord of Mouth and Paytronix, your customers can quickly check their account to determine what rewards are currently available and apply them directly to their order.

Applying Coupons
Suggestive Selling

Suggestive Selling

Increase check sizes and have customers ordering more by suggesting complimentary menu items throughout the checkout process.

Mobile Ordering

Marketing, Loyalty Rewards & Gift Cards

Brygid has partnered with a wide selection of marketing platforms such as eWord of Mouth, Paytronix, Personica and GiveX. Giving you freedom of choice when it comes to how you would like to market and grow your business.

Reward your customers for their loyalty and continued patronage by providing them with unique discounts and promotions. Prepare marketing campaigns that can be distributed to the e-mails of all your customers. Or simply offer Gift Cards as a way for your customers to share their enjoyment of your business with friends and family.

Our partnerships with these companies affords you the options and flexibility to help your business grow and adapt to the ever changing restaurant industry.

Group Ordering

Office lunches and group meetings have never been easier. With group ordering a customer can invite any number of guests to place an order individually, which we will then submit to your store as a single order. Group ordering is ideal for a large group of people getting their order just the way they like it.

Group Ordering

No Term Contracts Required

We are so confident in our service that we won't lock you in to term contracts. You are free to cancel at any time if for any reason you are not satisfied with Brygid's service.

Mobile Ordering

No Signups, Logins or Passwords

We don’t require user account creation or logins so your customers can view and order from your menu with the fewest clicks and steps possible. We offer optional customer account creation and logins, while enabling customers the ability to checkout as guests for quick and easy ordering. Online ordering should always be easier and faster than picking up the phone.

No Signups, Logins or Passwords
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

We are partnered with many credit card merchant processors to provide payment solutions that securely handle all payment transactions. We adhere to the latest encryption and security standards to ensure you and your customer's information is always safe. All payments are processed directly through your merchant processor. Brygid never holds or handles and of your money.

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