How It Works

How Orders Are Sent To Your Restaurant

Ordering takeout, catering and delivery could not be any easier! We make your menus live, enabling your customers to place their orders directly off your restaurant website. Online orders can be transmitted to individual locations or to a centralized call center using a variety of methods, such as direct POS integration, Fax, Email or IP Printer.

POS Integration (POS)

We are partnered with a number of POS Vendors to provide integrated online ordering. When your customer orders online their orders are sent directly to your restaurants in store POS system.

Fax and/or Email Solution

Orders can be faxed or emailed to individual stores or a centralized call center. All email/fax orders are followed up with a live phone call from our call center to ensure you receive your orders.

IP Printer Solution

Your online orders can also be sent directly to a network receipt printer. It will print out just like any other receipt or ticket.

Your Online Orders are Brygid’s #1 Priority!

We provide live order monitoring, call center support and order confirmation as part of our service. This ensures that you will never miss an order, allowing you to focus on running your restaurant.

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